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Tis’ The Season to Love Your Melon (As Told By Buddy the Elf)

So you’ve yet to get your first Love Your Melon hat or other apparel?! Well, don’t be too hard on yourself! There’s no better time than the holiday season to treat yourself or a loved one to a little extra sweetness from Love Your Melon! And if you think that amidst your incredibly busy December-to-do-list that kind of sounds like this — —that…


Eagles Flying Towards More than 4%

We, as students of the University of Mary Washington, are making great strides thus far in making a difference in Fredericksburg, differences that we will each undoubtedly take with us and continue to carry out into the world beyond, wherever it may take us. And there are so many more differences to be made, especially when it comes to raising awareness for childhood cancer. Because the…